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    Default how to deal with candidates whose contracts terminated at interview

    I am having difficulty to convey the reasons behind my termination of the permanent employee contract at the end of my probation period . I decided to write this post to understand how HR people assess this type of situations.

    I worked in a company for two years in a professional role. At the end of this two year, the volume of new projects in that company was not high enough, and I was not given new challenging projects. External recruiters at that time were sending me 5 messages a week through Linkedin. So I decided to contact one of them, he arranged an interview with another company.

    The role that they were looking requires experience in 5 subdisciplines of my profession. I had experience in 3 of these 5 subdiscipline. I shared my experience with them. And I told them that I do not have experience in two fields that they require. I had a total of three interviews with them. In this interviews they test my knowledge in the field that I have experience. In the end, they send me an offer. I accepted their offer.

    Then I started working with my previous company. Let me first give some background about this company that end my contact at the end of the probation period.

    They are major contractor that has been awarded multiple contracts. However, they had a problem with human resources. They simply do not have a sufficient number of people who can run technical tasks. And they could not retain skilled people, because there is constant overtime with no incentive to compensate by time offs.

    At first, they gave me tasks that I have experience. I completed these assignments successfully. Then they gave me a complex task in the subdiscipline that I did not have any experience. At that time, I have done a mistake of accepting accountability for delivering these tasks. I thought I can handle that task because I was not aware of the complexity of the task that they give me. If I return back to past, I would tell them I do not have enough experience in that field, and they should assign me simpler projects in that subdiscipline. I continued to work for that project, I developed my skills in that subdisciplines, however, I could not deliver the results at deadlines because I do not have sufficient experience in scheduling and planning in this subdiscipline.
    Also, there was overtime culture in the company, my colleague next to me was working 6 hours at weekends, 10 hours a day to match deadlines. And they expect me to do overtime to match deadline. I tried my best, and I made 47 hours a week with no overtime. I would like to work more, but I have family commitments like looking after my newborn baby, picking up my son from after school care, driving my son to football training, supporting my wife after the birth of my daughter.

    And at the end of 5th month they terminated my contract before going to parental leave.

    The only mistake that I did was accepting the task that I did not have any experience. And not asking for another task that I can do.

    After the termination of my contract, I attend online courses about project management and aim to improve my skills in negotiation, and scheduling.
    Also, I arranged and obtained professional certifications that is important for my job.
    In addition to this, I carry out self-study for the technical areas that I need to improve in the subdiscipline that I fail to perform.

    Can you provide your opinion about how to explain why my last employer terminated my contract?


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    Hi consult,

    When you say "Then I started working with my previous company." - is that the new company who terminated you after 5 months?

    Assuming you are referring to the new employer, had you applied for parental leave?

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