HR Buzz - Australian HR Discussion Rules

‘HR Buzz’ is a community web site provided by Employment Media Pty Ltd (‘EM’ or ‘we’), on the terms of use set out below. HR Buzz comprises discussion forums (‘forums’) and a document repository. If you use HR Buzz, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.

‘You’ are deemed to be a ‘user’ of HR Buzz if you access the web site.

1. Intellectual property

The content on HR Buzz, including the text, document files, images, and messages in forums, (the 'Content'), is owned by EM or its licensors. You may make a copy of the Content for your own personal use. You may link to forum posts or documents on the HR Buzz site from another web site.

2. Posting content in the discussion forums

As a registered user, you may post comments in the forums. The forums are self moderated, this means we expect you to abide by the ‘Posting Rules’ set out below so that HR Buzz can be a pleasant experience of all users.

Remember, you alone are responsible for your own comments in the forums!

Posting Rules

You must not:
  • post anything defamatory, indecent, threatening, misleading or otherwise containing illegal content;
  • post anything which invades personal privacy, is pornographic or obscene, incites violence, violates copyright;
  • post anything which is likely to offend people of any particular, race, religion or sexual orientation;
  • post Content in a forum that contains advertising of any kind, including recruitment advertising in any form, with the exception of the Commercial Offerings forum, where you may post about commercial products or services that are relevant to HR
  • post Content containing the name of any person or organization without that party’s consent;
  • post any Content which breaches Copyright or Moral Rights of another person;
  • post any Content containing financial advice or recommendations regarding securities;

EM will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes a breach of the Posting Rules.

By posting any Content to HR Buzz, you licence EM on a non exclusive basis to reproduce, or distribute that Content in any form.

3. Document Repository Terms of Use

Content in the HR Buzz Document Repository is available for reference purposes only. Documents such as White Papers and reference articles are provided for educational purposes only. Other documents such a policy documents, forms, letters and notices are provided as a templates to provided the basis or ideas for a similar document that you wish to create.

The owners of the copyright in documents on HR Buzz have licenced us to make the documents available to you on these terms. Any use of the documents other than stated above may infringe the owners copyright. Copyright infringement is a criminal offence.

If you create a document based upon documents from HR Buzz, please consider sharing your version of the document by submitting it for upload.

4. Moderation of Content

The Content on HR Buzz has been created, and posted or submitted for publication by third parties. Any opinions expressed in comments and articles on HR Buzz are the personal opinions of the author and are not the opinions of EM, it’s employees or representatives

The HR Buzz forums are self moderated, this means we do not actively moderate the Content posted by users. We may moderate content in the forums but are likely to do so only by exception, typically when inappropriate Content is brought to our attention. We reserve the right to delete Content at our discretion.

We encourage you to report any Content which you believe breaches the Posting Rules.

You must be registered and logged in to report posts (registration is free of charge) – when logged in, this report button which will be visible beside each post.

5. User Administration

Users who register with HR Buzz are granted certain permissions, such as the ability to post Content in the forums and report other posts. We may manage user permissions as it sees fit, including blocking or interfering with a user’s access to HR Buzz, although this is only likely to happen in the even that the user is in breach of posting rules.

In the interests of the community there will be little or no tolerance of users whom we believe have purposely breached the Posting Rules.

6. Disclaimer of liability

While we aim to keep HR Buzz free from objectionable content, it is not practical for us to review all content posted or submitted by third parties.

EM is not liable to you for any loss or damage incurred by you arising out of your use of HR Buzz, whether direct, consequential, or indirect.

7. No warranty

EM provides HR Buzz 'as is' and without any express or implied warranties. We make no warranty about the accuracy or suitability of the Content on the HR Buzz site, including the forums or the document repository or any third-party site linked to from HR Buzz.

Users (either casual or registered) should not rely on advice or recommendations contained in forum posts or documents on HR Buzz or any links to third party sites.

Due to factors outside its control, EM does not guarantee uninterrupted, error-free or secure access to the HR Buzz site.

8. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify EM and its related companies and officers from any claims and expenses (including legal costs) related to:

(a) your use of the HR Buzz site;
(b) any Content posted by you; or
(c) your breach of these terms.

9. Governing law

The HR Buzz site is governed by the laws of Victoria.