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    Default Organisational procedures have been followed for addressing under performance

    An employee’s performance has been unsatisfactory for a long time. The employee and their manager created an employee development plan which has been carried out. The employee has been given ample training and coaching the employee has been given verbal and written reprimands but there has been no improvement in the employees performance. Advice on what to do and how to handle?

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    Assuming that the process has taken place as stated (and appropriately recorded) and the employee has been given ample warning (preferably) in writing that discipline action is under way and discipline action may include dismissal - my next step would be to meet with the employee and let him/her know that there has been no (or not enough) improvement and that it your organisation intends to terminate the employment contract (in whatever timeframe is considered appropriate - two to four weeks?) unless the employee can show cause why that shouldn't happen. I would also have a letter prepared, to hand over at the meeting, stating the same in writing.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    Thanks for your help DAS

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    Can i please have your assistance with the following, Imagine that you are responsible for you organisation’s performance management system. What should you do in the following situations?

    An employee is going through a nasty divorce. As a result of the divorce, the employee can no longer afford to pay for child care for their 4 and a half year old child. The child will be staring school in 4 months time and the school offers after school care for working parents. The employee has been distracted at work, making more errors than usual. They have had a lot of time off and often have to leave work early to care for the child. Previous to this situation, the employee’s performance has always been excellent.

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    If the employee's performance has always been excellent and the child is thankfully being shipped off to school next year, then I think you should do what you can to keep them, as the issues look like they will improve.

    It is a good idea to have flexible work arrangements so that people with families can continue working without being penalised for looking after the kids. Maybe this person could be offered flexible start/finish times, work from home options, or perhaps taking a little annual leave.

    You can also gently inform the worker that they can access the company's Employee Assistance Program if you have one. If you don't, I strongly recommend implementing one, as these services can help workers manage their personal issues so there is less impact on work performance.

    Finally, try implementing a Purchased Leave scheme. This scheme offers employees extra annual leave per year when they sacrifice a bit of their salary. For example, if they want 4 week's extra leave, then you pay them for 48 instead of 52 weeks a year. Of course, you average the lesser amount over the 52 weeks so they don't go 4 weeks without pay.

    Hope this helps and good luck.


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