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    Default Redundancy due to not accepting extension of secondment

    Hi My role was made redundant in Feb2014. As I was leaving the org I was offered a 9 month secondment. That secondment was extended from Jan 215 end to May 2015 end and now I have a letter to extend it from May to Dec 2015. I cannot deal with these extensions and secondments and informed HR of not accepting extension.HR has informed me that I dont have a choice except to resign..Also I wouldnt be elligible for any redundancy (even the package offered in Feb 2014) is being taken question is if I havent accepted the extension from may 2015 onwards why would HR not may the redundancy till Feb 2014 ?

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    When a position is redundant, the employer has an obligation to provide suitable alternative work (if possible) to the employee who was in that position. It sounds as though your employer has done that by seconding you to a different position. Although each secondment has a fixed duration, your employer no doubt considers that it is providing you with employment and therefore the issue of termination payments does not arise. That situation might change at some stage if your employer can't offer a substantive role, or more secondments, but it seems that the employer is offering "employment as usual" up until December 2015, at least.


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