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    Default Difficulty with a Recruiter

    Hello everyone (new poster),

    I'm in need of a bit of guidance about a situation.

    I applied for a traineeship program in my chosen industry, and made the final draft. The program is run by an organisation that works with companies in my industry to place candidates to learn the roles/train. When I was interviewed (and in my application) I was very diligent about being quite specific as to what I was looking for and what I wasn't interested in. I have stated on repeated occasions that if there are no companies interested in taking on trainee candidates that specialise in the area I would like to be trained in, I would be happy to pull out from the program to allow another candidate my spot.

    The person running the program, I don't think has listened to me despite being a recruiter, and keeps sending me emails to interview with companies that have nothing to do with my career interest. One was completely the opposite, and the second I can't get any information about because their website is 'currently under construction.' I've tried other research means to get an idea about this second company, but coming up almost empty handed with some vague details about what the company does (which again, is the opposite to what I'm looking for). When I enquired with the recruiter, they gave me vague details as well.

    I don't want to seem ungrateful, and I have repeatedly said that if there is nothing in what I'm looking for, I'll pull out of the program. At this point I'm frustrated with the process but don't want to come off as such or burn any bridges.

    Should I interview with this second company despite getting the general feeling that they don't do what I'm looking to be trained in? Is there a way I can pull out from the program? I thought I had the first time, but then was shocked to find a second email a week later with a new company interested.

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    Go for the interview, you have nothing to lose, the more I/Vs you do = more practice you get = better you get at it. Expand your options, do your own research and approach directly those coys which interest you. Recruiters are trying to make a buck, often don't even have the job they are trying to find candidates for - hence vagueness - it's a tough world out there they are all competing with each other and in majority of cases the jobs you think they have don't exist at all or are not listed with them. You might even consider taking something which is not what you think you want now -- it will give you some experience and at least you have a job -- sometimes it can be necessary to compromise a little!

    Good Luck

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