My employer has given me five days notice to take eight days annual leave consecutively whilst there is currently an approved workers compensation claim with a work injury I had on a work site three weeks ago.

As I have more than four weeks leave owing to me by the company, they informed me that I would be taking leave between particular dates as, "I have accumulated too much leave". A designated doctor has instructed only light duties to be conducted in the workplace over the last two weeks for me and the my work place has these duties available for me to work in the work place.

The insurance company have already confirmed that if the employer cannot provide light duties then the employee is to be paid worker's compensation whilst they are not working on a company site.

Would any of you consider this as a form of harassment in the work place on the basis:
1. Disadvantaged employee
2. Singled out employee.
3. Reasonableness of the period of notice given to take annual leave.

Please provide any details that will help me understand the situation I am in at the moment.
Thank you.