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    Default Best practice for HR functions

    Hi all,

    I am currently undertaking a Cert 4 in Human Resources and I would love to hear from you as I am required to participate in HR network for one of my assignments. For this assignment I have to review the HR functions of a simulated business and the functions that I have chosen to review are training, performance management and reward and recognition. I was hoping to hear some guidance in relation to the implementation of these 3 functions into an organisation and the current best practice surrounding them that you find useful.

    Thank you very much to all, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Good morning NDavey,

    In terms of performance management normally appraisals are conducted at least twice a year, following a pre set schedule. I personally would recommend that performance reviews be conducted more frequently such as 4 times a year, or every 3 months.

    For training, it would ideally be an ongoing process always focusing on areas that the performance reviews have identified as needing more help. To get the most out of training, the employee needs to agree to it in order to fully commit themselves to the program.

    Rewarding employees and recognising their efforts can take many forms such as promotions within your organisation so something as simple as a pay bonus. As long as each employee feels that they are recognised equally and one isn't being consistently rewarded over others.

    Hope this helps you with your task.

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