Hi thanks for reading

I'm Ryan and I'm currently studying Business in Year 12 in Australia.

I've recently started a HRM management assignment and I would really appreciate if you could just basicly mention what processes are taken place when your are trying to create a WIN-WIN situation in regards to a sexually harrasing employee. My assignment is particularly based on the negoiation process with I the HR representative to a particular employee who has been sexually harassing a fellow female employee.

This employee has been working for 5 months at this company full time. Previously he has been warned about crude language to female members. And in this case he has been deliberately bumping into a female staff member as well as,placing arms on her shoulders and been having dirty conversations this female member in-which she does not appreciate and has taken it to me The HR Manager.

The assignment is a presented as an Oral Presentation with I the HRM and the employee who denies all these claims and is not cooperating with and denies the claims.

This is more of a conversation than a speech and must go for 8 minutes (or 4+ pages) at the end of it I finish with a Win-Win scenario.

As I mentioned earlier I would really appreciate if you could enlighten me the entire interview process that would take place in negotiating sexual harrasment.

Cheers for reading, hope you can help.

As well for all the students out there. I have do have a year 12HRM shortlisting assignment explaining all the processes in detail and many more. I got an A for it, so I'm happy to share it if anybody wants it. Just let me know.