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    Default Employment law in China

    Hello everyone.. I'm new on this site and reading through the threads has provided some valuable advice.. thanks everyone!

    Hope someone knows how I can source a good site for employment law in China, in English and as comprehensive as possible. Any help is welcome



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    I am also having issues trying to find anything on China as well. To find what public holidays they have, I had to look at the travel websites. As could not find anything.

    If there is a website out there, I too would be interested.


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    Default Employment Law in China

    Hi Suzanne

    In China the labour laws are governed by the The China Employment Law 2008. There is a good overview of the law covered in two parts from China Success Stories. The link below will take you to Part I and there is link through to Part II.

    Hope this heps,


    Guide to Employment Law in China ? 2008 (Part I) | China Business Success Stories

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    In China, the law system is very different from the system in Australia. Basically speaking, there are three major frameworks; one is the law system (this is including the Labor Law and labor contract law), the other system is regulations this is from the central or local government, last one is some industrial regulations which also has some impact on our daily HRM practice.

    Because it is a quite complex systems, if you have some specific questions about it, maybe I could help further.

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    My blog is all about the Employment Law in China, please see and find out!
    If you have any questions, please send me email!

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    We have an employee who is Chinese citizen but on our Australian payroll (has an Australian work visa).
    He is going to work part time based in China/part time based in Australia.

    We provide health insurance as a standard benefit but his Australian insurance does not cover him in China so need something local.
    Does anyone have any recommendations for health insurance in China (is it common?). I seem to be only able to find income protection or expat health insurance, so perhaps local private health insurance is not required by local citizens in China as they are covered on local government sponsored schemes?
    Does anyone have any similar scenarios and what cover do you provide?
    We don't want to buy expensive expat insurance if we know as a Chinese citizens he will be covered by local policy should he require medical attention in hospital.

    Many thanks,

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