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    Default Working in the UK

    I am thinking of working in the UK in a generalist HR role?

    Does anyone have any recommendations on agencies?

    From my research it appears there professional organisation CIPD is important qualification. Does anyone know how aussies would fare?


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    Hi Anne,

    LINK Recruitment is ideally placed to assist you in finding a generalist HR role in the UK, as we have a proven track record in this area. Australians enjoy considerable appreciation amongst British companies, and as such, employment opportunities are many.

    We have a huge number of roles currently available, and would be happy to chat to you about these in further detail, either online or by telephone.

    We are also hosting a series of 'Work in the UK' seminars in late July and August that you may like to register for. For more information, go to or call me directly on 03 8319 1168.

    Kind regards
    Lisa Grantham

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    I am looking at obtaining an international generalist HR role, based either Canada or United States, though im open to most place.

    Is anyone aware as to who would be the most appropriate agency to go to for this.

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    Hi Guys
    If you are thinking of working in the Gulf then have a look at the Bayt website.
    Yes ladies, most of the jobs specify males only (yes and we can nominate nationalities up here also!!!!)
    The Gulf is a very trying place to work but great from an experience aspect as you are managing so many different nationalities.

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    It's good to see that there's interest in working abroad.

    We encourage you to start your own threads relating to the area which you'd like to discuss. You're likely to get a greater response because people who look at this thread may only be interested in working in the UK.

    Geoff it would be interesting to hear some of your HR experiences with different cultures.

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    I have noticed that Ireland specifically is also increasing in popularity as a destination, what has been your experience Lisa?

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    Forget about the US unless you have American experience. Frankly, US HR practices are 10 years ahead of what's happening in Australia and they are very particular about your education as opposed to just experience.

    An MBA in HR Management opens doors in the US whereas 8 years working at a company and having a Bachelors degree doesn't open as many considering that there is alot of competition in the US for HR roles and their degrees are more difficult than their equivalent in Australia. Unless you have connections or an MBA preferably obtained in a US university you will find it difficult to get a good HR role and you may have to settle for a job in HR admin and work your way up.

    Americans don't care if you have 100 years of experience unless you have a suitable paper qualification in that industry unlike alot of Australian employers who will prefer experience over qualifications especially in HR. I was fortunate in the US but I understand the frustrations of certain American and other international friends who are more than qualified for roles and have had experience even some Australian experience but are not given the opportunity in HR.

    Some have gone back home because the market here is ridiculously hard to break into and their experience and qualifications usually outdo those sitting in recruitment offices deciding if they should put them forward for jobs.

    If you do get a role in Canada or even the UK you are better off gaining your HR experience and skills here than in Australia.

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