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    Default Responding to employees with Mental Health issues

    Hi everyone;

    I'm proposing a discussion on the impact of Mental Health issues in employees (anxiety and depression) and HR responses during grievances, allegations of bullying and return to work priorities. (For example)

    A few years ago I experienced a mental health breakdown due to intimidation and harassment over a long period in my workplace. Treatment from HR staff ranged from empathetic to disdain. Although incredibly difficult, what I learned from this situation is valuable beyond words. My main concern today though, is discussing this knowledge as an HR topic.

    I'm currently creating a business for employees to turn to in times where HR personnel fail to understand how best to approach these sometimes frustrating and confused people. There are very few, if any, external resources to teach employees how to cope and behave during very emotional workplace situations.

    Posting your thoughts on processes and experiences would be appreciated. Please don't just peruse this thread; contribute for others to view as well.

    Kind regards;

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    Hi Liz,
    I believe there is a desperate need for the type of offering you propose, because even when HR personnel actually recognise that employee is suffering from a mental health problem, I suspect many of them are not equipped to deal with it.

    A question that immediately comes to mind however, is who will pay for it?
    It could also be quite hard to sell.

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    Firstly, thanks for responding Moz; your interest is appreciated.

    I propose marketing my business to the AMA and Unions. As it's a phone service, it's not bound by geographical challenges. Payment will be by direct bank transfer at a cost of $80 an hour which is far less than counselors and psychologists charge. The client will pay as there isn't an avenue yet for insurance companies or Medicare recognition.

    During talks with Fairwork, I was informed there were on average, 350 calls each day to the Bullying Hotline from people needing help. That equates to around 75,000 calls a yr! So it makes sense that many of these people are in the first stages (or worse) of MH symptoms.

    I understand your point re HR personnel not being trained or prepared to deal with some situations. It may be something to look at for future reference as adding a 'Mental Health First Aid' subject to in-house and tertiary courses would definitely be complementary to their roles.

    Employees themselves aren't equipped to understand what's happening to them either. Or why; which is where I come in. Recognizing personal accountability and a lack of written/verbal communication skills are major contributors for ongoing conflict and confusion. They're just not taught this during training or study. Worry and sleepless nights without any personal support contributes to the decline in their mental health. Then, things get worse and the cycle begins.

    Thankyou again for your interest; it's important to discuss such matters on this forum. Take care..

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