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    Default HR presence in bi-annual review meetings

    Hi All,

    Our workplace is looking to introduce the presence of a HR person into our bi-annual performance review and I just want to get some assistance with clarifying the exact role of the HR person in regular performance reviews.

    My understanding is that it is usual to have a HR person in disciplinary reviews, however they are there as an impartial observer to ensure the review is conducted in a fair and equitable manner.

    In a normal performance review I would expect the HR person's role to be, again, as an impartial observer and not there to actually 'review' the employee and not to contribute their own comments and opinions during the review.

    Does this sound correct?

    Thank you.

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    I think that the main benefit of having an HR representative present will be to provide advice to the manager and the employee on the processes involved in the performance review, and to assist in applying the processes consistently across the organisation.

    It is possible that the HR rep may have had some relevant dealings with the employee concerned, so the HR rep may be able to provide some direct evidence relevant to the proceedings (on interpersonal relationships, etc). But allowing too much "ad hoc" intervention by the HR rep may well lead to inconsistent results across a range of employees.

    So I think that you are right, Leigh. The system will most likely achieve the best results if the HR rep acts as an impartial observer and adviser on the process, with the line manager weighing the evidence and making the relevant assessments. HR should help the managers to manage, and not relieve the managers of their responsibilities.


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    I don't consider HR has a place in performance review meetings at all - they should be between the Manager and the Employee. Certainly where you have newish Managers (and many older managers too!!!!), HR should be conducting training sessions with these people to get them up to standard on how to conduct thess meetings. In my opinion (reinforced by feedback from employees across many organizations going back many years), having HR in such a meeting can act as a real deterrent to an open and honest discussion between the Manager and his/her employees and some can even find it intimidating. Frankly, I see what you are intending as a flash back to the past.... years ago .. before what we have today with HR business partnering the business. Back in the days of transactional HR when Managers had no ownership of their staff, it might have been the norm but not today.

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    Hi all, thank you for your feedback.
    I personally don't believe HR has a place in a normal performance review and don't agree that my employer needs to implement this action. I plan to refuse as I know that I will not feel able to have the right kind of discussion that I should be able to have with my manager.
    I wanted to get some feedback and an idea of the legalities before I tackle the 'discussion' about refusing to have them present.
    In our case our payroll person had HR duties added to their role 8 months ago and is neither qualified, trained, known for impartiality, has been disciplined over maintaining payroll confidentiality and is known to have personal grudges against other employees.
    This is not the type of person I want present in my performance review!

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    Maybe it's the manager's performance review techniques that are secretly being reviewed!

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