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    Hi guys,

    Hypothetical question regarding employee support persons in disciplinary meetings.

    If there is nothing listed in in an employee’s contract, modern award or enterprise agreement allowing advocacy from a trade union they are a member of….

    Question: if assuming the above, am I correct in assuming a union rep has the same powers as anyone else in a support person capacity during a disciplinary meeting i.e. only take notes, break meeting, support in cases of language difficulties etc?

    Union reps tend to use the word representative when employers outline that they are a support person and not to overly engage or advocate for employees – I would just like to know if they have any further powers then a regular support person.


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    A support person is just that. They don't speak or act for the employee, are there merely to hold the hand (figuratively) of the employee ie be a support for them in the meeting. It can be anyone.

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