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    Default Minimum Wages Federal v W.A.

    Hi all,

    Might be silly question...

    Obviously FWC anounced the change to the minimum wage the other week. $16.87/week increase, +3% for Modern Awards and so on...

    But I read on ABCnews last night that the Western Australian governement has increased their minimum wage by $20.00, +3.1%
    Minimum wage lifted by $20 a week in WA - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    The article is not full of facts... but is this only for WA state governement employees or all/any employees in WA?
    Is Western Australia seperate to the Federal increase?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hmm, an article on Ninemsn doesn't help clarify...

    "The West Australian Industrial Relations Commission has decided to increase the full time adult minimum wage and state awards by $20 per week.

    This means the minimum full time wage in the state will increase to $665.90 per week from July 1.

    All state award wage rates will also increase by $20 per week.

    The decision comes after last week's three per cent increase to the national minimum wage by the Fair Work Commission to $640.90 per week.

    Read more at WA minimum wage increased by $20p/w

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    From where I sit, if an employee, irrespective of Australian location, is covered by a Modern Award, then the minimum pay rate set out in that award would be the minimum paid to that employee.
    We all know however, that many employers pay above award rates so I doubt many working in WA would be on the minimum wage.
    Further. enterprise agreements are still a big thing, particularly in WA, so wage rates would be covered by those and would, with some certainty, be set way above the minimum rates.

    So maybe you are making this out to be more than it needs to be


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    It was more out of curiousity, Tiger.

    The WA minimum wage is $25 more than Federal minimum.

    I appreciate that most people are paid above there award, but i'm sure there are plenty of employers (us included, who employ in WA), that pay the minimum.

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    The Fair Work Act contains a convoluted specification of national system employer and, by implication, national system employee. The definition of national system employer includes Corporations throughout Australia. Employers who do not meet the definition of a Corporation (eg sole traders or partnerships) probably would not be a national system employer unless their State referred its industrial relations powers to the Commonwealth. In 2009, all States except Western Australia referred their IR powers to the Commonwealth.

    The upshot of this is that:
    • The Territories (eg ACT and NT) are fully subject to the Commonwealth workplace relations system;
    • The States (except WA) retain an industrial relations system for employees of state government agencies and (most) local councils. Private sector employees and their employers come under the national system.
    • Western Australia retains industrial relations control over state government agencies, and (most) local councils, and private sector employers/employees who are NOT a corporation. Private sector corporations fall within federal jurisdiction.

    Hope that this helps.


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