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    Default Hackers, HR and BYOD

    The Human Capital Mag published an article earlier this week titled "Hackers have HR in their sights: Identity theft from resumes".

    Now this is not current news - it originates from an article in CIO magazine in April 2012 - Targeted Attacks Increased, Became More Diverse in 2011 , nevertheless the problem of data and identity theft hasn't diminished, in fact it's probably getting worse.

    One of the things that the CIO article highlighted was "Data Breaches Most Often Result of Lost or Stolen Devices", ... "Lost or stolen devices-USB sticks, laptops, smartphones and tablets-accounted for 34.3 percent of breaches, making it the largest category. Theft or loss of these devices accounted for 18.5 million exposed identities. "

    Bearing this in mind I was surprised to find that a significant percentage of Australian businesses are adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. For those that don't know, BYOD means employees bringing their own technology devices (smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs) into the workplace and connecting them to the corporate network.

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but isn't this a recipe for disaster in terms of data security?

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    Massive disaster. None of my clients allow use of such devices at work, and certainly do not allow connection to the corporate network.

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    Not only data security what about personal security? So basically the companies Internet and mobile phone usage policies mean that they have 100% access to the records recorded on both business and personal?

    There is no way I'd work for a company that required that I Bring my own device regardless of what it was. Can you imagine having to decipher between a work related incident and a personal one for finance purposes. It's just totally ridiculous and seems to be the companies way of saving money.

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    You would be amazed at just how many (large too) organizations allow you to bring/use your own device for work. It seems that if an employee wants to use their own, they are permitted to. It seems really slack to me.

    Further, some months back, I attended a function where the guest speaker was a forensic IT specialist. What came out of that loud and clear was companies should NOT be allowing employees to use their own devices for work related purposes because, and quite aside from reasons already mentioned by others, in the event of a unusual termination, the company will have a hard time going after that employee. Advice was you provide the phones, laptops etc and on the day of termination, the device is turned off and the SIM card removed which preserves what's on the phone at that moment. Examples used included employee fired for fraud, using company expense account at brothels overseas etc and other suspicious issues. The equipment is what the company needs to mount their case. But if employees used their own devices, company has lost that advantage.

    But NicoleAnita is right, it is a way to save money - false economy I reckon. If company won't give me a mobile phone for work use, I won't use my own and I make that very clear because they know up front that I won't always be contactable!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger View Post
    But NicoleAnita is right, it is a way to save money - false economy I reckon.
    I agree, however I'm not sure that saving money is the most common driver. Doubtless some companies see it that way, but it seems that many others are "allowing" BYOD, as though being able to bring your own device to work is a "benefit".

    I've read articles recently in HR industry press that suggest companies are "behind the times" if they don't allow BYOD and it will reduce their ability to attract staff.

    If I am reading the tea leaves correctly, in many organisations BYOD is not a "requirement", it's an option, for those staff who want to say use a iPad or a Mac in preference to the boring old PC the company provides.

    Some of these companies are saying, "you can bring your own device(s), but we need to be able to control the device". This usually translates to the company installing an "app" on the device that enables the company to remotely "wipe" the device at will.

    However this is now leading to law suits in the US, when someone has left a company and that company has understandably wiped the device, but that included a heap of personal data as well as company data.

    There have also been instances where the company has wiped someone's personal device by mistake!

    I'm glad it's not just me who thinks BYOD is a recipe for disaster.

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