When an employee is contracted to work for a specific number of hours per week but does not fulfil his/her contractual obligation, then this can be viewed by some as being akin to stealing (after all – "time is money"). Many companies haemorrhage thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars every month due to employees taking "liberties" (arriving late, leaving early, extended lunch breaks etc).

I have developed an attendance management system that uses ubiquitous technologies – normal everyday desktop computers and mobile phone handsets. There is no need to purchase and deploy custom hardware, although this is also an option.

The system is called AMS-01, and includes the following:

1. Up to the minute daily, weekly, or monthly attendance reports.

2. Departmental attendance reports (e.g. what were the total man-hours the marketing team contributed last week?).

3. Ad-hoc reports (e.g. how many man-hours were spent in meeting rooms in the last calendar month?).

4. A “personnel locator” that can report what section, floor, and/or building an employee is in.

5. An PC application that can run on a laptop (an iPad version is currently under constructions) that can "scan" your fire drill meeting points to quickly report who checked into the building but isn't at the meeting point. If the PC has Internet access the application can also tell you if the employee is still in the building (and more importantly the location within the building) or the location he/she was last located.

The system is intuitive and easy to use. Because existing ubiquitous hardware can be used the cost of the system is very reasonable. Also, because functionality of AMS-01 is exposed via SOAP, customized in-house solutions can be developed by your IT department or a third party.

I am looking for two organisations who are willing to test the AMS-01 system. In return for reporting any problems experienced and general comments (how the system could be improved), those chosen will be given AMS-01 (and lifetime updates) completely free of charge (this does not include any required hardware purchases). If you are interested, please do not hesitate contacting me by email for further details.