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    Default Anyone knows a good software

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for a free HR software suitable for small and middle companies. Does anyone know a good one?

    I prefer free because the others are TOO expensive (zoho, effortlesshr, empxtrack etc).

    I found a good Open Source options called OrangeHRM ( Its seems good and suit my requirements, but I really would like to compare it before go ahead. So, Does anyone knows another free or open source HR software?



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    If you think Zoho is expensive, I think you may have a problem!

    HR software is BIG business, because it's such a critical business investment, so it's unlikely you're going to find much out there that's free.

    If OrangeHRM will do what you want I think you're wasting your time looking for other free alternatives.


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    Yes I agree with Moz, I have just started consulting to a small IT vendor who are promoting ZOHO and also want me to start using it for themselves. Its meant to be very cheap and effective (though I am only starting to use it, so give me some time and I will give you my verdict). If anyone else out there has used this, I would love the feedback.


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    We have been using 3Hats (3Hats: Recruit, Manage, Market) and have been so happy that we made the switch. After some difficulties with other companies, everyone here loves using 3hats and there are some cool functionalities that I have seen or even heard of with other companies. Price is ok, happy to pay as we are so happy with the system. Worth checking out

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