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    Default Leadership Architect and Choices Architect Certification, Melbourne

    LDN International are holding two certification workshops this May 2011, for those wanting to become certified in Lominger's Leadership Architect® and the Choices Architect®.

    The Leadership Architect® 101 - Learn proven ways to implement competency based development and build a strong leadership pipeline.
    9th May - 10th May 2011
    $2990 plus GST

    You Will Learn to...
    * Interpret the research behind The Leadership Architect® Suite (studies on experiential learning, derailment and development) and leverage this information in your organisation.
    * Use the Leadership Architect® Competency Sort Cards to identify differentiating competencies critical for success across different jobs and levels, create job profiles and individual assessments.
    * Create integrated, competency based HR processes such as interviewing, feedback, development and succession planning and translate them all back to individual development.
    * Assess and prioritise skill gaps between individuals and various job profiles.
    * Construct an aligned, competency based, strategic HR program to provide the greatest value to your organisation.

    Choices Architect® - Learn to use a validated tool to confirm who your high potential people are and give them the development they need.
    11th - 12th May 2011
    $2990 plus GST

    You Will Learn...
    * How to use Choices Architect® and Learning from Experience™ (LFE) Interviewing to measure learning agility
    * The importance of learning agility in identifying high-potential talent in your environment
    * The research foundation and mechanics of using Choices Architect® sort cards, paper surveys and e-surveys
    * How to validate high-potential talent for use in succession planning
    * How to match people to development assignmentology and aid development feedback and coaching processes
    * How to assess and balance learning-agile teams
    * How to detect learning agility during the interview process

    For more information and to register online visit our website or contact Vivian Papas on +61 (3) 9667 9100.
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