Hi there,

A while ago I was asking about a good RTOs for HR qualifications. As my situation has changed I need to ask the question about HR qualifications again.
I already have a degree in humanities from a non-Australian uni ( 5 years study focussing on research including a complex thesis..depending on who you ask the degree is assesses as a master (my home country) or a bachelor (Australia). After studying the cert Iv in hr , I have with a bit of luck secured myself a diverse position in hr which I enjoy a lot. I am involved in recruitment, the Hris, payroll, industrial relations etc. I would like to get some more education/qualifications in hr and I am considering two options:
1 a post grad cert in hr via distance education
2 the professional diploma in hr from Ahri.
I don't not consider the typically RTOs anymore as the knowledge was too superficial for me.

I am a bit stuck with my decision.
Has anyone done the ahri diploma and give me some more info?
The ahri course:
+ is cheaper
+ offers hopefully good theoretical as well as current practical knowledge that I can use in my current position

- is not nationally recognised (but do I need this?)

A postgrad cert:
+ is a nationally recognised qualification
+ offers hopefully detailed knowledge in 4 different areas (e.g. General hr management, IR etc?. Depending on the uni)

- is twice the price
- I am not sure if it would look funny in my resume if I have a masters in humanities and then just a postgrad in hr? Or do you think this is accepted?)

I don't think I will do another masters as it is too expensive for me and I think I have already gained the general skills a master can give you.

Any thoughts? What would you do? Thanks for you help!