Hi everyone,

I am looking into working in Human Resources. I recently completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology), but I do not have any qualifications or experience in HR.

I was thinking of doing either a Diploma of HR (6 months), a Graduate Certificate (6m) or Diploma (1yr) in HR, or a Masters in Human Resource Management (1.5yrs).

I was wondering if those in HR positions could give me their thoughts on my options. Would you hire a graduate student with two degrees, admin experience (no HR work experience) and no HR qualifications?

If not, what HR qualification would you accept at minimum? I've heard Cert IV's in HR don't get you very far. I'm worried a Diploma would be similar. I've also heard that having a Masters in HR makes you overqualified for most entry level positions so its harder to get a foot in the door, but is good for management positions down the line. Would you hire someone with a Grad Certificate?

I'm trying to weigh up the degrees based on best job outcome (entry level, eventual management prospects, better salary) vs the amount of time/money spent obtaining the qualification. The shorter the time it takes me to get into the workforce the better (especially given I've already spent 4 years studying full time), but I don't want to end up in a deadend job and then have to return to study in the future.

Any suggestions?