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    I am considering seeking an off-shore project or international assisgnment and wondered if anyone could direct me to websites / job-boards / career managers or recruitment agencies who specialise in managing Australians in international contracts.

    I am ideally interested in assignments in either Asia or the Middle East.

    Any advice or pointers would be welcomed.

    Kind Regards

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    If you google 'jobs in dubai' or the emerites, you will get many choices to search; there are hundreds of jobs in that part of the world.
    It can be a great way to save money as pay is tax free. You do however need to do an indepth knowledge input on the culture and customs so you know what you can and can't do/behave and what clothing may offend etc. That part of the world is VERY different and you won't have the freedom there, you do in Australia. So suggestion might be to take a one year assignment if you can and see how you like it. Not everyone adjusts. But in some places, foreigners like us lives in conclaves with other like foreigners which can make the differences a little easier to lvie with. I would just read up on as much as you can about your chosen country before you commit.
    Good luck


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    Very much agree with Tiger. It is a whole different world. Took me several trips to adjust. You'd be surprised at something you think is so little here can be such a big deal over there. Thankfully the clients I was visiting were very understanding and a couple actually assigned an employee to me to teach me...was a very interesting experience

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    You hear people in Australia banging on about discrimination, racism, equal opportunity and human rights, but those Middle Eastern Arabic countries make us look like saints!

    Dubai is probably the most liberal of the Arab states and to the casual visitor will seem very civilized & modern, but living and working there is a different ball game.

    The ability to turn a blind eye and bite your tongue are mandatory requirements!

    If you go there, be very careful about what medication you take with you, because medication that you can buy over the counter here can land you in jail over there for an indefinite period.

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