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    Default Qualification in Org Psych vs HR?

    I'm hoping some people working in the HR field can give me some advice, especially any org psychs out there.

    I currently hold a Bachelor of Psychology degree with first class Honours. I'm interested in a career in Human Resource Management, and I'm not sure which would be a logical path to take.

    I'm not sure whether to continue with psychology and obtain a Master of Psychology (Industrial and Organisational) degree, or whether to undertake a Graduate Diploma/Masters in Human Resource Management and begin looking for work experience in the field immediately.

    At present I don't have any HR related work experience, although I am the manager of a multi-million dollar nightclub so in effect I do run a business. Would this type of experience be looked upon favourably, even though it's not exactly corporate?

    I see on these threads there is clearly a lot of competition to get into HR, and people are finding it difficult to find entry-level jobs. Therefore I'm wondering which would give me the best job prospects in the future: continuing with org psych or getting a HR postgrad qualification. I am in a position where I have the grades to take any path I wish, so I want to make a wise choice!

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    2 completely separate disciplines. My advice is if you have done the hard yards with your psychology degree then stick with it. The competition to get into HR is fierce and from my experience with employers they are steering away from the touchy feely side of it and heading more towards hands on practical experience.......

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    The deciding factor shouldn't be how hard it is to get a foot in the door but what you want to do when the door's open. HR covers a lot of territory and if you're looking for generalist work then a psych background - whilst giving you a different perspective - isn't likely to be needed or regarded as a major plus point. If, though, you prefer the OD side of HR, then it may well give you some advantage and be immediately useful.


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    Hi PsychStudent,
    I agree with Qld IR consultant regarding the distinction in disciplines. Despite that you have managed a highly profitable night-club - it is a business which is very different culturally to the corporate workplace so it depends on how a potential HR recruiter might view it. If they are conservative, they may not see it as particularly relevant or advantageous for an entry level HR role.

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