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    Default Request Suggestions- APC Program (AHRI)

    Dear All,

    I am planning to pursue the an HR certification APC Program (AHRI practising certification Program) as I have advised that this certification will help to be formally certified as a Certified Practitioner HR (CPHR). I was wondering if i could get some advice from the experts if this certification will add value to our profile for better oppertunities in the HR space. Also, is AHRI a reputed body and will certification from AHRI add value tomy profile. I already have some expirience as an HR however I have been struggling to get my foot on the door. Any advice would be hugely appriciated.

    I have also attached a link beklow for your reference.



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    Hi Harish,
    An AHRI accreditation certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. How much weight it carries will vary from one employer/hiring manager to the next, depending on their view of AHRI.

    I would also suggest using a spell checker and grammar checker because communication skills are very important in HR :-)

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