I've got a background in medium-sized companies (50 to 1,000 people) and am currently building Empower, which is Employee Feedback Software to help HR managers:

- Collect ideas and (anonymous) feedback from employees every day, in real time (instead of yearly surveys)

- Reduce employee attrition to zero (or very close to) by turning your management culture in to one of transparency while still allowing managers to be effective

- Give your employees a real voice to impact positive change in your company which makes them happier and therefore more productive

We are currently looking for beta (test) users to provide feedback on our software. If you are a HR manager in a company with 50+ people and want to make your employees happier, improve your culture and reduce employee attrition, please go here:


On our website you will find a 5 minute video walkthrough of the software we are building. There's also a place to enter your email address (to receive updates) and a link to our survey.


If you are a fit, we would be delighted to tell you more and of course let you try the software we are building inside your company for free while we ask for your ideas and feedback to improve it.


Rob Finnick
Founder & CEO of Empower