Hi everyone,

We all know that happy employees stick around longer, refer their friends and do better work, but besides quarterly performance reviews, there's no good way to gauge employee happiness.

To solve this, I am building software that:

- Lets employees submit ideas to improve the company
- Each idea can be voted on by other employees and actioned by management
- Employees can rate how they feel about their role
- If they're anything but happy, they can say why
- Management can see reports on employee happiness across offices and compare offices
- Employees can send feedback to managers anonymously with ideas to improve the company that they aren't comfortable sharing publicly
- Managers can see detailed analytics about ideas submitted and implemented and their impact on employee happiness over time

If this software sounds interesting to you and you would like to participate in some early testing as it's built (all free of course) and wouldn't mind providing feedback about how you currently manage employees, handle performance reviews, etc, please reply and let me know.