Sport2business has built frameworks to assist organisations on their journey to high performance by giving an insight into how elite sporting organisations go about producing success on a sustained basis.

What we do

We facilitate the introduction of high performance cultures through the delivery of our frameworks that are built on what we believe are the differentiators between elite sport and business. We aim to work with organisations that are going through change, looking for re-energisation, searching for new growth paradigms or just looking to stay at the peak of their competition by optimising their most important asset – people.
The key components of our delivery are our TtEAM framework, our “High Performance Cycle”, our GOAL plans, "Competitive IQ", emotional & social intelligence and positive psychology. These are delivered through leadership seminars, customised team programs and coaching.

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What we don’t do

Whilst we support the use of standardised leadership programs and tools such as Lominger, Belbin, DISC, 360∞ feedback etc, we believe that most organisations have their “bread & butter” leadership curriculum well sorted and in place. We are purely about the facilitation and introduction of high performance cultures through people and people leadership and as such, we compliment rather than compete with such programs.

We are running our Next Generation Leaders program at the MCG on November 8 & 9, 2010. If you are an HR professional that would like to get some exposure to our frameworks so you can understand how they could apply to your business, send us a PM and we might just be able to get you a spot.