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06-12-2011, 08:21 PM
Speaker : Adil Malia – Group President HR – Essar Group (USD 20 Billion, 20 countries, 70,000 people).
Dec 12th , 9.00 AM US EST, 7.30 PM India -
Please see webinar invite here : Continuous Feedback Vs Performance Appraisal (http://www.synergita.com/webinar.html)

Speaker Profile

Adil Malia
Group President – HR,
Essar Group

Adil is the Group President – HR at Essar Group. Essar Group is a multinational conglomerate and leading player in the sectors of Steel, Energy, Power, Communication, Shipping, Ports & Logistics, Constructions, Mines & Minerals. Present in 20 countries across five continents, the Group employs 70,000 people, with revenues of USD 20 billion.

Prior to Essar, Adil was Sr. VP – HR (South - West Asia) with Coca-Cola for 11 yrs. Adil has also been associated with Al Futtiam Sons (Middle East), handling businesses like Marks & Spencer, Toyrus, Hertz and block buster. GE Appliances Group and the Godrej Group of Companies.

Adil is a certified trainer having done extensive work in areas of HR, Strategic Leadership and Organization Development in multi cultural business environments with large MNCs and Indian Organizations.

Adil is an avid reader of management literature and writes for several business magazines. Some of his recent articles have appeared on the Wall Street Journal, Economic Times and Human Capital Journal. He is a key note speaker at several business and leadership forums.

Agenda-Continuous Feedback Vs Performance Appraisal

Today the world of business is going through challenging times. Hiring the minds and skills of people is no longer sufficient. We need to inspire people and invoke their passion. We need people to get deeply involved, innovate and collaborate across levels and functions. This requires continuous dialogue and feedback between people and their organization.

* What is Continuous Feedback? Is it just a series of Performance Appraisals done more frequently? How can it help us grow and develop our talent assets? Should it be HR driven or business driven?

* With business leaders and managers busy with their day to day goals, how can we help them take an active role in providing Continuous Feedback, in nurturing and growing the talent within their respective teams?

* Can an organization wide common template be used for Continuous Feedback or do we need to customize the template for each function, role and level. Should we also customize the template to suit each individual based on his / her interests and career aspirations?

* How can Continuous Feedback help in aligning the organization’s goals with the individual interests and aspirations of it's people?

* How can an organization move up the value chain from a culture of "Yearly Performance Appraisals driven by HR", to a culture of "Continuous Feedback, Talent Nurturing, Growth and Development that is driven by business"?