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23-03-2011, 11:19 AM
Can i please have assistance with different company's industrial relations performance standards or tagrets that might be used by an organsiation or company?

30-03-2011, 01:47 PM
In order to establish performance standards it is necessary to establish your IR objectives. Some suggestions:

To maximise long term performance by creating and maintaining a highly productive working environment.

To negotiate workplace terms and conditions in an environment free from: the abuse of power, discrimination, bullying and harassment. Eg, staff are free to join, or not join, an industrial organisation.

To promote the opportunity to resolve workplace disputes in a timely manner at the lowest possible level, through appropriately staged interventions.

To recognise that employees and the University may have both complimentary and competing interests (Dolenko*)

To recognise the negative impacts of direct and indirect industrial conflict (Dolenko)

To promote effective communication and the exchange of information on workplace issues through appropriate communication and consultation undertaken at the right level and at the right time (adapted from Dolenko)

To recognise the role of independent representatives in an industrial process.

A framework for establishing performance stanadards would involve: setting objectives, specifying inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes and risks. The outcomes should be closely related to the objectives.

* Marilyn Dolenko, Auditing HR Management, IIARF , 1990.

30-03-2011, 02:46 PM
thank you for your assistance