View Full Version : 2nd Annual HR Shared Services 2010

08-06-2010, 02:12 PM
The 2nd Annual HR Shared Services 2010 will provide strategies and models for successful HR Shared Services Management.

It will provide you with answers to your key challenges:

• Understand how HR exists as a critical element to the success of a shared services model as well as the future of an organisation

• Identify the best strategies to monitor your HR shared services performance and benchmark your processes

• How do you adopt IT solutions to improve delivery to clients while maintaining quality
of service

IQPC is offering you an exclusive opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your HR Shared Services Model. Even if you are yet to implement HR as a shared service, this event is still for you.

After conducting an extensive amount of research with organisations across the public and the private sector, we have found that you are under increasing pressure to;

• Benchmark your HR performance and align business functions

• Increase process efficiencies through technology hubs

• Improve communications to realise the value of your HR

You will gain invaluable access to industry experts who can provide you with strategies, case studies and methodologies to assist you in your shared services journey. This event will ensure you have an in depth understanding of how an HR shared services model can improve service delivery to clients and achieve significant economies of scale through an inclusive and developed business culture.

HR Shared Services 2010 will offer you unrivalled networking opportunities with like-minded professionals. It has been specifically created in response to your need to uncover the latest HR solutions through peer to peer learning.

Reserve your place now to be amongst the HR Shared Services Professionals who have taken a positive step towards increasing the effectiveness of their Shared Services Model . Call IQPC now on 02 9229 1000, email enquire*iqpc.com.au or visit www.hrsharedservices.com.au (http://www.hrsharedservices.com.au)for more information.