View Full Version : National Recruitment and Retention Summit 2010

08-06-2010, 01:59 PM
The National Recruitment and Retention Summit 2010 will provide critical human captial strategies for Australia's tight labour market.

It will address key imposing challenges such as:

• Creating a successful recruitment process to overcome competition

• Implementing retention strategies by creating a supportive environment

• Using HR metrics to measure and improve recruitment and retention

5 Reasons Why You Need To Attend This Conference:

• EVALUATE your own recruitment and retention strategies by benchmarking against
the top companies

• DISCOVER how to incorporate effective strategies to your overall recruitment
procedures to ease and accelerate the process

• LEARN how to take your current recruitment and retention strategies to a new level

• DISCUSS how the top HR leaders have managed their projects, what the issues
were and how they dealt with them

• BENEFIT from hearing insightful case studies from industry leaders who have
managed and delivered successful recruitment and retention processes.

For more information visit the event website www.recruitandretain.com.au (http://www.recruitandretain.com.au) or contact Judy Hizon on 61 02 9229 1000 or email enquire*iqpc.com.au