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08-10-2009, 01:30 PM
I've recently joined a company who use their Training Evaluation Form as a training attendance record therefore it is mandatory for the trainee to complete the evaluation form and put their name to it so as to ensure their training is added to our training database.

I am not at all in favour of this as it can prevent honest feedback - in fact it has been proven to be inefficient in that I have received verbal feedback via supervisors that a trainer was poor yet on the trainee's evaulation form they indicated the trainer was excellent! I've also heard that if the trainer in an internal employee, trainees do not feel comfortable rating them badly as the trainer will see their name on the form.

What do you do in your company? Is putting your name on the Eval Form optional?

And secondly, do you think returning the completed Eval Form (whether anonymous or not) should be compulsory or optional? Of course the business would encourage feedback but should it be forced?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Kind regards

09-10-2009, 10:36 PM
Hi Deb

There are pluses and minuses to identified evaluations. De-identified ones, even in a workplace, you open yourself up to comments that still aren't honest and people to hide behind anonymity. As you've said, identifiers tend to skew the information the other way. I'd probably lean towards name being optional, but you will get people who comment inappropriately.

Second issue, I actually think it's a good idea making the evaluation compulsory. You are paying them and want to know what they think. It is the workplace after all! People that might be too apathetic to put in an evaluation are probably the people you most want to hear from about the course. How do you engage these people better?

Although making it mandatory and having it de-identified... can pose management issues but I'm sure they can be figured out.

06-01-2010, 04:28 PM
Hi Deb, I firstly use an enrollment for all the training participants. When the training workshop has been concluded I request everyone to comlete an evaluation form, which is used to create an excel speadsheet that is sent to the CEO. After 2 months I conduct a training assessment (using a different form) to evqaluate if the training achieved the planned objectives. This whole process provides a 360 degree process that I can measure and reflects the training as professional
Cheers Ron

18-02-2010, 10:35 AM
Hi there Deb,
I agree with the thought that evaluations are neccessary, but placing a name on the evaluation should be optional.

I appreciate that the use of the form is being doubled up as an attendance form, however this takes away from the primary use of it be a feedback form that is vital for you and the partcipant. The form provides feedback so you are able to adapt training to ensure that learning objectives are met and meeting the businesses needs.

Have you considered reinstating an attendance sheet or checking off names from an email enrolement? Perhaps this could be done via vertification of name plates in front of the particpants?

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