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  1. Rewarding Performance
  2. Managing Attendance
  3. Conducting Employee Opinion Surveys
  4. Public Holidays when overseas
  5. Maternity
  6. Performance Reviews
  7. Performance Appraisal
  8. Deadline fast approaching for handing out compulsory Fact Sheet
  9. 10 days "Personal Leave"
  10. leaving the premises
  11. Performance Counselling Notes
  12. Extension of Probation Period
  13. Hiring staff in Australia
  14. 15 Minutes of fame
  15. Watchdog warns employers (re AWAs)
  16. Follow-Up Meeting
  17. Stick with AWAs: ACCI
  18. Higher Duties Template
  19. Performance Appraisal - best practice
  20. Working from Home
  21. Performance rating scales
  22. Performance reviews of sales staff
  23. Aussie Employment Law Update
  24. Rights of the employer to determine whether someone is fit for work
  25. Workplace relations fact sheet
  26. Online Performance Management Tools
  27. cashing-in annual leave
  28. Call Out Guidelines
  29. Performance Review Outcomes
  30. Performance Rewviews & Salary Reviews
  31. Can they retract resignation?
  32. Checking out candidates on the internet
  33. Good Faith Bargaining - Your new obligations begin on 1 July!
  34. Are you ready for the Unionís increased right of entry from 1 July?
  35. Cosmetic surgery - Personal Leave?
  36. Employee resigns and takes sick leave payout
  37. How to fix conflicts in the office?
  38. Is this discrimination? (preference for AHRI members)
  39. Significant case where employer wins costs against unfair dismissal claimant
  40. Changes to Fair Work Place Legislation
  41. What do you think of the Fair Work Act?
  42. Updating employment contracts
  43. Resignation Effective Date
  44. New Social Networking Laws
  45. Fair Work Act
  46. Resignation retraction, constructive dismissal?
  47. Can you legally advertise a role before there has been a resignation or termination??
  48. Redundancy
  49. Forms
  50. Leave During Notice Period
  51. Working without a contract
  52. Redundancy laws
  53. Reminder about the Fair Work Information Statement
  54. Recovery of money owed on termination of employment
  55. Probation periods
  56. Transfer of Business
  57. Sick leave after resignation
  58. Permanent illness VS Temporary illness
  59. Have I ever been a manager?
  60. NES and pre existing employment agreements
  61. Paid Parental Leave 2011
  62. Employee on probation absenteeism issue
  63. Long term sick leave
  64. FWA, NES and contract/temp staff
  65. Averaging Hours and Set Off Clauses
  66. IFA VS standard Award
  67. Underperformance process gruelling
  68. Performance Management - Written Warnings
  69. Refusal to sign employment contract
  70. Annual leave during first 3 months...
  71. Employee in press making disparaging comments
  72. Person present when issue warning
  73. Agreement Clause interpretation- reference to Annual Leave
  74. Performance Appraisal
  75. Full time to part time
  76. bonus payments with held
  77. Employee (truck driver) losing license
  78. NES and paid 'no safe job' leave
  79. Contact Officer Allowance
  80. Bullying and indipendent investigation.
  81. Health issues & can't perform the inherent requirements of the role
  82. Two Written Warnings At Once, On The Same Issue
  83. Record retention policy
  84. Demand medical certifcate all leave?
  85. Manager wants someone made redundant, dont believe its genuine
  86. Not paying someone for not submitting timesheet
  87. IFA for existing employees
  88. Post-employment non-compete clause
  89. how about if it is different between Award and Fair work Act?
  90. Reference Check Laws
  91. Can't trust my own HR rep
  92. Employee wanting to reduce hours
  93. New state Director wants to abolish all part time roles
  94. Industrial Relations Training Academy
  95. Union infiltration - What do you do?
  96. Probation Period question
  97. Post Giving 4 weeks notice and Annual Leave...
  98. Industrial Relations Performance Standards
  99. Can an employer change the terms of the redundancy package offered to an employee?
  100. Forms for a performance Apprasisal
  101. Enforceable Social Media Policy
  102. Termination for poor attendance in first 6 months
  103. Sliding from temporary into permanent - is this EEO
  104. Unfair Dismissal claims are on the rise!!
  105. Ir Policies & Procedures
  106. Performance appraisals
  107. Legislative requirements
  108. Uniform re-issue Q
  109. Warnings and dismissals - Under performance.
  110. Grievance process
  111. Changes in Role
  112. "culture fit" - valid reason for not being selected?
  113. Reasonably refusing leave requests
  114. Trade Practices Act
  115. Performance Management isn't just for disciplining staff....
  116. Restraining Order!!!!
  117. Reclaiming Funds from an Employee
  118. Rejecting Un-Accrued leave
  119. Rescinding Resignation
  120. Personal leave on Payslips
  121. Annual Leave Loading
  122. Interesting case.... redundancy or redeployment?
  123. Is a position 'title' redundancy irreversable?
  124. When does illness become 'frustration'
  125. Smelly employee refuses to co-operate
  126. 'Resignation' due to mat leave
  127. Elective Surgery
  128. Workplace Bully / Constructive Redundancy
  129. OS Employees and LSL
  130. Right of Entry requirements under the Fair Work Act
  131. Working Whilst On LSL ?
  132. Is my employer pushing the boundary?
  133. Can an employee use their Personal leave whilst on parental leave?
  134. resignation
  135. Annual Leave vs R&R on FIFO roster
  136. Casual probation
  137. Interesting real life performance mgmt scenario - what would you do? How would you handle this situation?
  138. Tricky situation
  139. Performance management used to terminate employment
  140. transfer of entitlements
  141. Electronic Timesheets and signatures
  142. Communication after harassment complaint
  143. Hr manager
  144. Masters in Employment Relations
  145. Sexual Harassment
  146. Professional Advice Needed
  147. Moonlighting / Working a second job
  148. termination resignation
  149. Apprenticeship suspension
  150. Explorer
  151. Perf management woes
  152. Terminations due to organisational bankruptcy
  153. is "vivacious" discriminatory?
  154. Individual Flexibility Arrangements - Are you getting them right?
  155. Employees Casual to fulltime
  156. performance issue with older employee
  157. On the otherside of a performance issue
  158. Probationary period and resignation
  159. Long service leave entitlement on resignation
  160. Role Redundancy - Dismissal - Waiver?
  161. Can Redundancy Notice be Revoked?
  162. Modern Award vs the NES
  163. Signing Off Simple Manual Time Sheets
  164. Long Service Leave
  165. Is this coercion? (sorry it's a long story)
  166. EBAs & FWA VIC vs NSW
  167. Does the 'Grandfather Clause" relevant??
  168. Employment Separation - Don't over-think it!!
  169. written warnings
  170. Resignation not given
  171. Resignation and annual leave
  172. Religious Emails from Co-Workers
  173. Full-time to part-time ó redundancy pay entitlement?
  174. Training obligations - 1.6% of gross????
  175. Return of candidate profiling results - Required?
  176. Changing an employees job responsibilities - how much is considered "fair"
  177. Paternity Leave and Resignation
  178. redundancy - long term casual? what are my rights
  179. Time period to re-employee after redundancy?
  180. Resignation during Probation
  181. Jailed Employee Question
  182. Non-Contactable Missing Employee - When does the Duty Of Care end?
  183. Expired Fixed Term Contract
  184. employer appoint to a position not applied for
  185. Can this change take place?
  186. Is rejection of a candidate due to LSL discriminatory?
  187. Breaking termination period contract
  188. Redundancy Calculations
  189. Acting in a Higher Role / Fixed Term Contract
  190. Changes to Working Hours - to be 24/7
  191. Workers Comp - can we replace the employee or hire into the vacant role?
  192. Redundant but placed on secondment no end date specified
  193. Industrial Climate within organisation
  194. Bullying and harassment
  195. Sick Leave and Redundancy
  196. Parttime emp setting up business on the side - conflict of interest? Can we do anything?
  197. Company Purchase - external contractors can we remove?
  198. 2 year binding contract
  199. HR position redundancy due to position restructure
  200. Written Warnings Best Practice
  201. Delayed Pays
  202. General protections around workplace rights
  203. Is not turning up for work enough grounds to dismiss as Serious misconduct?
  204. Setting KPI's - what % is acceptable to be non-productive
  205. Unfair dismissal time frame question
  206. redundant - change the date
  207. Employee Agitator - help needed
  208. Is it legal to change an employees place of work without their consent?
  209. If a redundancy date is given in writing & the employer then makes the date earlier does the employer need to payout up to the original date specified?
  210. Does LWOP 'extend' or prolong a period of probation?
  211. Succession Planning for Employees
  212. EB Negotiations - 9 day fortnight or 19 day month?
  213. Leaving employment after 2 weeks when giving 4 weeks notice.
  214. Investigation procedure?
  215. Joking that your employee didn't get the job
  216. Reference checking: Who are employers allowed to contact ?
  217. Performance Management - Employees over the unfair dismissal threshold
  218. Tattoos in the workplace
  219. Annual Leave Loading
  220. Sick leave and Personal / Carer's Leave - Changes
  221. Withdrawn Entitlement /benefits
  222. LinkedIn contacts
  223. Employment contracts
  224. New Employment Contracts
  225. asset purchase and work place agreements.
  226. Personal/Annual Leave - arrive work late and get 2 hrs Personal Leave
  227. IR and ER - is there a difference?
  228. Short courses in Employment legislation in Australia
  229. Verbal Contract
  230. Industrial Relations Jobs
  231. Tricky backpay situation
  232. Sick Leave - New start.
  233. Permanent Employees switching to Fixed Term Contracts
  234. Tippy toeing around difficult employees!
  235. Paying out leave entitlements to family members when they quit
  236. Ratio of Anti-discrimination/Harassment Contact Officers to employees
  237. New Employee - resigns after 2nd day
  238. Entitlement to pay when on standby duty?
  239. Stand Down possible
  240. Sick leave for elective surgery?
  241. Parental Leave
  242. Reimbursement of Medicals, flights
  243. Varying Emplyment Contracts
  244. Notice of Resignation
  245. Voluntary LWOP as a cost reducing strategy
  246. Tax payable on Redudancy.
  247. Unfair Dismissal Help
  248. Agreement Making
  249. Role Change = Redundancy?
  250. General guidance on performance management?