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  1. Fairness Test
  2. Workers told: Speak English or lose out on pay!
  3. IT skills shortage? - we ain't seen nothin yet!
  4. Will AHRI membership become compulsory ?
  5. "Another sad HR report"
  6. No hurry for Labor’s IR changes
  7. Clocking up the hours
  8. Job ads surge as labour demand stays strong
  9. Older workers no longer so loyal
  10. Workers comp scheme labelled 'risk'
  11. New focus for IR laws
  12. Huge pay gap for women
  13. Short-term inquiry into maternity leave: Gillard
  14. National workplace laws approved
  15. National Employment Standards drafted
  16. Unions want to play 'catch up'
  17. Is more parental leave a good thing?
  18. Facebook - a double edged sword for business?
  19. It should now be easier to recruit people, apparently ...
  20. The Key Motivators Of Today’s Job Seeker
  21. Record fine imposed for worker exploitation
  22. Court rejects unfair dismissal claim by employee who obtained a medical certificate so he could attend AFL game.
  23. Legal update: New Workplace regime now through Parliament
  24. Are your management strategies doing more harm than good?
  25. Bold moves in maternity leave payments
  26. A Talent Source
  27. The (not so obvious) financial implications of changing jobs
  28. Union calls for 6 months paid maternity leave
  29. Spying on employees email in national interest
  30. Flu shots no cure-all
  31. 457 visas may become harder to get
  32. Sorry, you didn't get the job - you have a poor credit rating!
  33. Workers refuse jobs with no Facebook
  34. Screening out unsafe staff
  35. Job flexibility key to productivity and loyalty: study
  36. Paying the price for flexibility
  37. Women must work harder: expert (?)
  38. Recipe for the perfect boss?
  39. Pressure for longer paid maternity leave is building
  40. Compo needs national approach
  41. No choice but to work
  42. Unions angry at new clause
  43. Strange but true - Voice software targets fake sickies
  44. Job stress causes depression
  45. Women in the workforce - changing trends
  46. Employer of 85,000 female staff offers paid maternity
  47. Shape up services or lose jobs
  48. Darrell Lea backs down on IR laws
  49. Casual approach to work
  50. Nestlé cites keeping candidates 'warm' as key to recruitment success
  51. Work Re-Tune - advice for flexible work arrangements
  52. Latest ABS figures on the job market
  53. Maternity Leave for everyone (conditions apply!)
  54. 'Stupid curve' sidelines women
  55. The mother of all debates
  56. Job market softening - (but how soft is it really?)
  57. Will we have enough human capital?
  58. People metrics help HR show what it knows about business
  59. Labor contracts as bad as AWAs
  60. Workplace Dynamics Shift Towards Teleworking And Greater Flexibility
  61. A Third Of UK Businesses Ban Social Networking Websites
  62. Office bully or workplace victim?
  63. Pros and Cons of Social Networks and Vetting Candidates
  64. Real Time Performance Review and Feedback Tools
  65. Avoid Getting Reorganized Out of Your Company
  66. Is Your Company In-Bred?
  67. No Leave, No Life
  68. Surviving the Downturn- HR Strategies for Mining Companies
  69. The Outlook- The economy on the mend
  70. Job Index shows first real growth since downturn
  71. Attacking the Job Market and Workplace Proactively in Tough Times: A Roundup of Expert Advice
  72. Trade Shortage throughout Australia
  73. Defending Unfair Dismissal Claims
  74. Strife returns to the waterfront...is history repeating itself? Has the Coalition gone soft on IR?
  75. Australian Workers Union Intensive recruitment campaign commences...
  76. CFMEU wages increase was the "price for peace"....
  77. Restrictive and adversarial workplace laws pushing business expansion overseas.
  78. Fair Work Summit 2011 - The hot topics....
  79. Employers must defend productivity gains.....So where has the Good Faith gone?
  80. Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award 2010
  81. Equal Opportunity Briefings 2011
  82. Shock horror! HR firm breaches spam act
  83. Dogs at Work - Yes or No?
  84. HR: What's your Facebook password?
  85. Bullying - ClubsNSW to reject applicants who were juvenile bullies
  86. Caltex unveils generous paid parental scheme
  87. Work from home requests present legal balancing act for employers
  88. employees dismissed for inappropriate email use reinstated by FWA
  89. Cycling Australia sacks Matt White -HR Implications
  90. Swan's mini budget sacfrices salary packaging
  91. Dealing with bullies in the workplace - is dismissal justified?
  92. FWA - Reinstatement upheld on appeal despite offensive Facebook comments
  93. Shorten vows to act on disability plan
  94. Change in discrimination laws will swamp courts with complaints: Brandis
  95. Mental illness still a stigma in the workplace, HR experts say
  96. Can you sack someone for swearing at the boss?
  97. Inquiry calls for workplace bullying hotline
  98. Changes to Paid Parental Leave and introduction of Dad and Partner pay - time to consider the implications
  99. Refusal to work overtime leads to dismissal, adverse action claim and reinstatement
  100. UK Government proposals for employees to swap employment rights for shares
  101. Notice re posting in the News & Current Affairs forum
  102. No more "mates" at work
  103. "Didn’t you get the memo?" – safety consequences of poor workplace communication
  104. Fair Work Act changes in response to Panel recommendations
  105. Federal anti discrimination legislation proposed to be harmonised
  106. Ignorance of applicable Australian Standards likely to be a clear breach of health and safety obligations
  107. Changes to the Fair Work Act: What does this mean for employers?
  108. Surveillance Insufficient to Justify Dismissal
  109. Employer Policy Defeats Workplace Stress Claim
  110. Employee rights when your employer becomes insolvent
  111. Last piece of the puzzle falls into place for Qantas
  112. New Year New Job: engaging an employee
  113. Work health and safety: the PCBU's duty to do what is reasonably practicable
  114. Industrial and Employment Law Alert: Changes commence to unfair dismissal, general protections, enterprise bargaining, and Dad and Partner Pay
  115. Australian staff increasingly underemployed - averaging just 32 hours work per week
  116. CFMEU takes Rio Tinto to court over two-tiered redundancies - there's a lot at stake
  117. Fair Work Ombudsman publishes a new handbook to assist employers
  118. Proposed Consolidation of Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws
  119. Fitness to work and medical certificates
  120. Sometimes (instant) dismissal for cheating an employer can still be unfair
  121. Fair Work ombudsman to scrutinise unpaid work
  122. When HR Decisions Become Social Media Scandals
  123. Are your employees skiving?
  124. Embrace social media, warns Shell HR chief
  125. Executives dismissing staff mental health issues
  126. Brace yourself for the workforce revolution
  127. Underpaid work experience: what’s the big deal?
  128. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, it probably is a duck or, in this case...an employee.
  129. A time for change in employee and industrial relations
  130. How will new Federal procedures for dealing with workplace bullying complaints work?
  131. Dress codes and directions to comply
  132. Non award compliance can really cost small businesses
  133. Poaching employees: Going Beyond What Is Fair And Legal
  134. What are the International Trends and Approaches in Enforcing Restraints of Trade?
  135. New measures to counter workplace bullying - new work and family provisions proposed
  136. Is this the beginning of the end for mega sexual harassment claims?
  137. When is Redundancy Genuine?
  138. What not to say in the Office
  139. Beware the hidden costs of unchallenged health and safety enforcement notices
  140. Social Media in the Workplace: Pitfalls for Employers
  141. The never ending story - Federal unlawful discrimination claims may never be out of time
  142. Consolidation of Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination Legislation – Where is it up to and what does it mean for employers?
  143. When Tweets aren't so sweet: Twitter presents dangers to employers when employees are aggrieved
  144. How to be a model employer while protecting your interests
  145. Latest dance craze not a hit with employer
  146. Will legislative change achieve gender equality in the workplace?
  147. Fair Work Commission to take on workplace bullying complaints
  148. ‘Go away money’— will it now go away?
  149. Employer's global sexual harassment policy fails to pass muster
  150. WH&S harmonisation delayed again
  151. Taking reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace
  152. Administrators Forced to Deal with Unfair Dismissal Claims
  153. What you were afraid to ask about Long Service Leave
  154. Employee or Contractor?
  155. New Workplace Gender Equality legislation
  156. Penalty rates here to stay: implications for employers
  157. New federal scheme for victims of workplace bullying
  158. Industrial action masquerading as safety concerns?
  159. Avoiding discrimination liability in the workplace
  160. It pays to check your employees’ visa work rights
  161. Qantas and the unions where are they up to?
  162. Sexual harassment case results in $100,000 awarded in damages
  163. Employees having children - parental leave basics for employers
  164. Can you be fired for not smiling enough? Tests for unfair dismissal
  165. Government announces further superannuation reforms
  166. Legitimate performance management not adverse action
  167. Sweeping changes to the Safety, Rehabilitation & Compensation Act recommended following the review
  168. What do productivity, performance contracts and a bank fee dispute have in common?
  169. Healthy older workers boost the economy
  170. The tide of change in labour relations continues
  171. Moretti v Heinz: Why am I being "performance managed"?
  172. Terminating and suspending industrial action in the post-Qantas environment
  173. Superannuation guarantee charge - international dimensions
  174. New Fair Work Act Amendments ignore Greenfields Agreements Strife
  175. New decisions shed light on Fair Work protections for grumbling employees
  176. When size matters: "Small Business Employer" status
  177. Workplace bullying: Committee recommendations for Government
  178. Driving Success and Efficiencies in Services Contracts
  179. Cards on the table, face up: Nowhere to hide for Worker's Compensation claims
  180. How to ensure a 'casual' is a 'casual'
  181. Bullet proofing against adverse action claims
  182. Employee Remuneration and Benefits to increase
  183. Defending claims of discrimination and harassment: A warning for "Vanilla Flavoured Policies"
  184. Adverse Action: Director and Manager Properly Named and Liable
  185. Redundancy and Redeployment - Striking a Fair Balance
  186. Employee trust in bosses unmoved - survey results
  187. Coalition IR Policy – changes around the edges
  188. Swearing at work - can it cost you your job?
  189. Wide deed of release defeats valid disability discrimination claim
  190. How small business owners can defend an unfair dismissal claim in a summary dismissal scenario
  191. Hiring disabled employees in the suppported wage system
  192. Non-Party Employer Made to Pay Costs in Restraint Litigation
  193. Engaging informal leaders to support work health and safety
  194. Discord in Harmony Part 1: South Australia goes its own way with OHS Harmonisation
  195. Coalition releases "Policy to Improve the Fair Work Laws"
  196. From Hiring to Firing: a basic guide to the Australian employment law life cycle
  197. My Workplace Rules: how many cooks in the kitchen spoil the OH&S broth?
  198. What's News in Work Health & Safety?
  199. Why is offshoring such a dirty word?
  200. Is the party over for IT recruiters?
  201. Paralympians to extend reach on workplace safety
  202. Who's the boss: the impact of multiple employment and successive contracts
  203. Federal Court rules on the interaction between the Victorian Construction Code and Implementation Guidelines and the adverse action provisions
  204. Terminating employees for redundancy: make sure the dismissal is not unfair
  205. Safe Work Australia releases revised draft Model Code of Practice on workplace bullying
  206. Informal complaint to employer found to be a "workplace right"
  207. Minimum wages to increase by 2.6%
  208. Getting the Deal Through - Labour and Employment 2013 - Australia
  209. Businesses to benefit from Queensland changes to workers' compensation coverage for contractors
  210. Safety, something that you ought to know about...
  211. Ulterior motives: lessons for employers when defending an adverse action claim
  212. Keeping it casual
  213. Reference to a policy document did not incorporate the document into the enterprise agreement
  214. Unfair dismissal high income threshold under the Fair Work Act to rise from 1 July 2013
  215. How long is a piece of string? Reasonably practicable guidelines released by Safe Work Australia
  216. Recent Adverse Action Decisions Prove Favourable for Employers
  217. Fair Work Act amendments passed; changes to right of entry, adverse action and bullying
  218. What Is Constructive Dismissal?
  219. Total Incapacity and the Suitability of Employment
  220. Redundancies and Reductions in force - A key employment law challenge
  221. Unfair Dismissal and Facebook
  222. Should abusive conduct by union officials be tolerated in our workplaces?
  223. Law firm successfully defends against claim of bullying
  224. Employers not necessarily liable for psychiatric harm to employees who are stressed or overworked
  225. When is a "job" no longer required to be performed for the purposes of redundancy pay and what is "other acceptable employment"?
  226. Employers cannot seek to pre-pay NES entitlements to paid leave
  227. Workers' Compensation: Which act applies when an injured worker 'usually works' in both QLD and NSW?
  228. Sham redundancy used to remove employee
  229. Anti-Slavery law targets forced labour, forced marriage
  230. Key financial threshold changes for employers effective 1 July 2013
  231. Report on Seacare compensation scheme highlights deficiencies of current system
  232. Allseas - Amendments to Migration Act to limit international workers in offshore oil and gas industry
  233. Don't get burnt: work health and safety considerations for the solar industry
  234. Stop Bullying orders - workplace bullying soon to become a more public ordeal
  235. New Australian Salary Movement Index report from Hay Group
  236. Fair Work Commission's new bullying powers from 1 Jan 2014
  237. Do we need social media password privacy laws?
  238. Refusing an employee's request to return to work part-time constituted constructive dismissal
  239. The Fair Work Act gets more family-friendly
  240. New Privacy Laws: Time to Update your Privacy Policy
  241. Four Ways The Fair Work Act Is Making Business Riskier For Employers
  242. Paying Annual Leave In Advance - An Issue That Is Not Leaving Us…
  243. A Very Expensive Pay Slip!
  244. FBT changes may affect salary packages
  245. ATO continues to focus on returning expatriates
  246. HopgoodGanim Alert: The flow on effects of incorrectly characterising a worker as an independent contractor - 1 July 2013
  247. Raising the bar: Changes to the 457 Visa Program effective July 1, 2013
  248. CBA’s ‘implied mutual trust and confidence’ case loss sets new workplace precedent
  249. Are your policies up-to-date with the new family friendly measures in the Fair Work Act?
  250. Record penalties imposed over sham contracting, underpayments